Airport Clash 3D

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Airport Clash 3D is an episode of the Clash 3D shooter series, just like Subway Clash Remastered and Sniper Clash 3D. Use your minigun and help your fellow raiders to nuke the enemy's base! In this battle royale game you must shoot to kill and try to rack up as many kills as possible. The game is set in an abandoned airport in the middle of a world war. The planes are grounded and you can use them as cover when fighting the enemy. Choose from a range of different characters including a commando carrying a minigun. The gun has unlimited ammunition and you can unleash hell with a hail of constant bullets. The game has similarities to rocket clash and is one of the top multiplayer games available. Remember that you can use different moves too such as the knife spin as opposed to just shooting enemies with your weapons. Keep moving, utilize cover, and try to take as little damage as possible. This game has similarities to Farm Clash 3D but the map is a completely different setting


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