4th and Goal 2019

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Become a pro quarterback in 4th and Goal 2019. Pick your team and win the championship in the 2019 edition of the famous American football, 4th and Goal! If you love American Football or sports games in general, you will enjoy playing this challenging and accurate game. This is not a simple point and click game - it provides actual American Football plays and set pieces - you can choose different offensive tactics and plays for your quarterback to complete. You call the shots and you can test your skills as both a player and a coach! Pick your play and try for a touchdown During each offensive play, you select a different formation for your team to complete. You can then control the quarterback and either try and run with the ball or throw a hot pass to one of the outfield players. You must have great timing and also watch out for the defenders. When playing this football game, you can choose from three different match lengths, and three different difficulty levels. We suggest


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