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Wrong Way Driving Game - create your own race track! Wrong Way is one of our fantastic driving games in which you can customize vehicles and build your own routes thanks to an inventory with various objects. A great innovation consists in being able to save the created routes and be able to reuse or share them with other users via forums or other download channels. This game is fantastic and comes from the same developer that created the awesome Evo-F 3 car driver game and other titles. Players can try out all of these titles here at Crazygames: Evo F - Original game Evo-F 2 Evo-F 3 The gameplay and driving mechanisms of this wrong-way driver game remain the same and the graphics and game engine used are also the same. Try out the other games first so you can understand how the cars handle, and how to detect a wrong turning that could potentially derail your track design. Available objects Players start with a completely blank map. The only object is the park


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